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Reverse engineering infosec pvt ltd is an Initiative to act as a RESOURCE CENTER for Police, Investigation Agencies, Research Centers, Forensic Science, Cyber Forensic, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders & Individuals together to fight against intelligence threats and crime scenes forensics, cyber-crimes.

  • The reverse engineering infosec pvt ltd is a professional organization incorporated to maintain professional standards and to be a trusted provider for forensic consultancy, research, analysis, training and education & Social Services on a single platform and enhance the stature of forensic science.
  • We have served a distinguished and diverse membership. Membership in the society is open internationally to professionals with an active interest in the forensic sciences. Its over 1000 members are divided into different sections spanning the cyber forensic enterprise. Included among the Academy’s members are Forensic Scientist, Digital Forensic & Cyber Security Experts, Audio-Video Examiners, CCTV Examiners, Physicians, Attorneys, Engineers, , Educators and others. Representing all over the country covered the maximum States, they actively practice cyber forensic science and in many cases, provide training activities, workshops and conduct research and developments in the field as well. Each section provides opportunities for professional development, personal contacts, awards, and recognition.
  • As a professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law, the Reverse engineering infosec team is committed to the promotion of education and the elevation of accuracy, precision, and specificity in the forensic sciences. For its members and affiliates, We performed another kind of social work like a legal consultancy .As the Country’s most prestigious cyber forensic science organization, We represent its membership to the public and serves as the focal point for public information concerning the forensic science profession.
  • The crime is not limited to crime against individuals such as Forensic Team are routinely involved in investigations of crimes against persons and property, such as homicides, assaults, theft, arson, impaired driving and fraud. Team are also involved in the investigation of crime against society.we being cyber Forensic Team also appears regularly in criminal and civil proceedings to give opinion evidence relating to cyber forensic examinations. Special committees of the reverse engineering infosec pvt ltd addressed educational, scientific, social and legal issues within cyber forensic science.
  • We have experience in fighting cyber criminals and we have assisted several police cyber cell departments. We have also trained around 2500 police personnel and also assisted police officials in several investigations i.e around 1000+ cases in different state.

Achievements In Brief

  • Assisted in 2500+ Cyber Crimes reported in police stations and Cyber Cells of Various State Police & Trained 10000+ individuals and corporate & 1000+police officers across nation.
  • India’s first private Cyber security hardware products   and Cyber Crime prevention for common public and helped woman and children to get deleted fake profile, pictures and videos.
  •  Acknowledged as Outstanding Performance in Forensic Science, Cyber Scene Investigation, Cyber Forensics Investigation by Various State Police.


Reverse Engineering Infosec Pvt. Ltd. is an initiative to act as “Resource Center” for police, investigation agencies and individuals together to fight against intelligence threats and crime scene forensics, cyber crimes.


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